Winter Training Series

Our 2020 Winter Training Series is here!  Each Thursday in the month of January, we will be hosting two separate classes from 7-8pm.  We hope you can join us!  The classes this year are:

Dale Parsley- Understanding the Times.  Why is America so different today than in the 1950’s? Much of it has to do with a change in peoples foundational belief system known as a worldview.  In this class, Dale seeks to explore the more prominent worldviews competing in America, such as: Humanism, Communism, Islam, and Post-Modernism.

Week 1 Islamic Agenda

Week 2 The Athiest & Communist Worldview

Week 3 New Age and Spiritualist Cosmic Humanism

Week 4 The Christian Worldview

Terry Jones- 2 Peter-Jude

Week 1 jonesweek1

Week 2 jonesweek2

Week 3 jonesweek3

Week 4 jonesweek4

False teaching was just as much a problem in the first century as it is today. 2 Peter and Jude peal away at the real reasons of those who teach a false gospel. Terry has taught these letters at the WV School of Preaching for years.  His class will equip one with a basic understanding of what God is communicating to us today.

Week 1

Thank you for supporting our 2019 Winter Training series!  Listen online or download each lesson to listen at your convenience!  Lord willing we hope to see you all next year!

Issues in the church – Greg Yost 2019

Week 1 yost1

Week 2 yost2

Week 3 yost3

Week 4

The Second Coming – Mark Tonkery 2019

Week 1 Why Preach On The Second Coming Of Christ

Week 2 The Kingdom of God and Israel

Week 3 What About Revelation?

Week 4

4 Portraits of Jesus – Skip Andrews 2019

Week 1 andrews1

Week 2 andrews2

Week 3 andrews3

Week 4

The Book of Philippians – Randy Baker 2019

Week 1 baker1

Week 2 baker2

Week 3 baker3

Week 4


Winter training series bulletin flyer 2018

The Nature of Jesus – Dan Kessinger 2018

Week 1


Week 2

The Nature of Jesus – Session 2

Week 3


Week 4


The Existence of God – Any Robison 2018

Week 1

Week 1

Week 2

The Cosmological Argument

Week 3

The Teleological Argument

Week 4


Studies in James – Roger Rush 2018

Week 1


Week 2

Studies in James Session 2

Week 3


Week 4


Questions Asked from the Bible – Lloyd Westbrook 2018



Week 3



Winter training series flyer 2017

Audio of the lessons for January 2017 Winter Training Series

Cities of the Bible – Ed Melott

Week 1       Downloadable Link: Melott Week 1

Week 2       Downloadable Link: melottweek2

Week 3      Downloadable Link:  melottweek3

Week 4     Downloadable Link:  melottweek4

Difficult Passages from Scripture – Steve Haguewood

Week 1      Downloadable Link: Haguewood week 1

Week 2     Downloadable Link: haguewoodweek2

Week 3    Downloadable Link:  haguewood3

Week 4    Downloadable Link:  haguewoodweek4

Digging Deeper Into the Cross of Christ – Rick Tincher

Week 1     Downloadable Link: tincherweek1

Week 2    Downloadable Link:  Tincherweek2

Week 3     No recording… sorry

Week 4    Downloadable Link:  tincherweek4

The Blessings of Being a Christian – Terry Jones

Week 1     Downloadable Link: Christianity is a Great Way of Life

Week 2     Downloadable Link: The Blessings of being a Christian week 2

Week 3    Downloadable Link:  Christianity is the Great Way of Life week 3

Week 4    Downloadable Link:  Christianity is the Great Way of Life


Audio of the lessons for January 2016 Winter Training Series

Roger Rush – Marriage and the Family

Week 1         Downloadable Link: Marriage and Family week 1

Week 2         Downloadable Link:  Week 2

Week 3        Downloadable Link: Week 3

Week 4       Downloadable Link: Week 4

Andy Robison – Sermons from Songs

Week 1        Downloadable Link: andyrobisonweek1

Week 2    No recording

Week 3     Downloadable Link:  andyrobisonweek3

Week 4     Downloadable Link: andyrobisonweek4

Ed Melott – Bible Geography

Week 1       Downloadable Link: edmelottweek1

Week 2      Downloadable Link: edmelottweek2

Week 3     Downloadable Link : edmelottweek3

Week 4    Downloadable Link: melottparsleyweek4

Randy Baker – 1 Thessalonians

Week 1        Downloadable Link: randybakerweek1

Week 2    No Recording

Week 3       Downloadable Link: randybakerweek3

Week 4      Downloadable Link: randybakerweek4